Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fresh talent: ON SALE NOW!

10.95 USD (includes shipping and handling) (Non-Canadian Addresses)

Canadian addresses: for canadian adresses send a shout to: ; due to less shipping costs!

Artists featured are: Alessandro Echevarria (skulldaggery), Andy K, Carol Esther (tatertoes), Gareth Hopkins (grthink), Imogen Bradbury

(dandeliontale), Jon Steward (jonny-misfit), Jonas Gunnarson (kievman),

Luke Person (mumblingidiot), Mel Stringer (perfectnoseclub), Michael

Verhaaf (confuse-d), Nik van Es (nikzonderc), Rafsya Vector (porangers),

ytak (kate watts) and Zeptonn.
They are talented young people. Many receive critical and peer acclaim, they are
featured in art magazines and enlisted by clients for many kinds of work.
Full of talent, fresh ideas and creative drive.

Each book is sewn/bound by hand and also contains hand-colouring, by: Megan Sandover-Sly (triscuitbox)

[Awesomeness available for purchase NOW!]


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    1. Yes, change is inevitable as well as time too.If certain things are changing for positive then most go on and good luck too.As its my first ever drop in , i feel myself unlucky too. hehe